The Triggers of Time

I saw a beautiful post on Facebook this morning while sipping my coffee. I found it here. It is a beautiful testament to the unreplaceable bond that children have with their fathers. Now, don't get me wrong. I know it's the 21st century and there are now, and have always been, plenty of mothers, siblings,… Continue reading The Triggers of Time

The Introverted Extrovert

A few attributes that describe an introvert. Being around people makes you feel drained. You have a small group of close friends. You enjoy solitude. When I was much younger, I was THE party girl. Never home, getting into trouble constantly for staying out too late and fibbing about why, going from party to party… Continue reading The Introverted Extrovert

These Small Hours I simply and truly cannot believe how many years are marked today from the passing of my mom. Having lost so many people in my life in such a short period of time doesn't have a word or description. I've been asked countless times how I endured the loss of my mother, then my… Continue reading These Small Hours

In the Silence I Found Myself

As a survivor of domestic violence and emotional abuse, I've had to come to terms with the fact that not everyone is going to treat me now the way I was treated in my past. Sure, there are times when there is something said that triggers a memory and makes me anxious and I may… Continue reading In the Silence I Found Myself

The Locket

I remember the day my youngest daughter brought it to me, asking me to find a way to put a certain photo inside the locket. I grew up with a mother who was SO talented at putting photos in lockets. I had never done it before, but since her death, I've come across lockets that… Continue reading The Locket

Accept the Things I Cannot Change

I'm pretty sure I've used this quote before because, well, I still am dealing with some very difficult people in my life. When you reflect upon the challenges and other things that you've gone through in your life and you realize as you get older that you need to somehow begin the process of coming… Continue reading Accept the Things I Cannot Change

The Never Ceasing Evolution Defining Friendship

I read once that friends are the siblings we were never given. I've reflected upon that thought many times over the years. I feel closer to my best friend than I ever have to my only sibling. What intrudes upon my thoughts of late is the definition of friendship. Many times, I see social media… Continue reading The Never Ceasing Evolution Defining Friendship

To All the Guys I Suffer…Endur…Put Myself Through the Misery of Dating

If there was one major thing that I think should be required when you date someone, it should be either the ability to find out from someone else who dated them what the bloody hell is wrong with them. That option not available? Then I think you should get an exit interview. I don't go… Continue reading To All the Guys I Suffer…Endur…Put Myself Through the Misery of Dating

The (Wrong) Guys you Meet (and Endure) Before Finally Figuring it Out

When I found myself widowed, overwhelmed, lost and lonely, I was very far from a place of self-awareness and understanding that would enable me to make good choices for myself concerning the people you should choose to have around you. Being suddenly disconnected from the life you'd known for many years and the profound silence… Continue reading The (Wrong) Guys you Meet (and Endure) Before Finally Figuring it Out

Abandon all hope…ye who enter here and other thoughts on raising a new teenage girl

Over the years and perhaps even throughout time, parents have lamented about the unbridled joy of raising a teenager. Sometimes I envision a young, prehistoric teen stomping out of the family cave, furious over her parent's refusal to let her go to the meat festival wearing furs that short, including the eye rolling. In my… Continue reading Abandon all hope…ye who enter here and other thoughts on raising a new teenage girl