This Post Will Make You Uncomfortable: I Should Know

Trigger Warning: Domestic violence, description of violence, both physical and verbal Meme that states: More people are concerned with why women stay in abusive relationships than why men are abusing women. There are many different types of abuse in this world. It varies by culture, social class, age, societal norms, and is not limited by… Continue reading This Post Will Make You Uncomfortable: I Should Know

Groundbreaking Breakthroughs

I'll admit that many a blog post begins with a meme that sparks an idea. Memes are what they are, but to many, they can show up at just the right time and their meanings individualistic and sometimes inspiring to those who gaze upon them. This was one of them. Oftentimes I look around me… Continue reading Groundbreaking Breakthroughs

Crack in the Castle

I recall a time when I was sitting in my former home after the loss of my husband and both parents. I was now a widow, with two children who are living with Autism. I was a stay-at-home mom, living in a home that had been flooded three times, including this moment I'm recalling. I… Continue reading Crack in the Castle

These Small Hours I simply and truly cannot believe how many years are marked today from the passing of my mom. Having lost so many people in my life in such a short period of time doesn't have a word or description. I've been asked countless times how I endured the loss of my mother, then my… Continue reading These Small Hours

In the Silence I Found Myself

As a survivor of domestic violence and emotional abuse, I've had to come to terms with the fact that not everyone is going to treat me now the way I was treated in my past. Sure, there are times when there is something said that triggers a memory and makes me anxious and I may… Continue reading In the Silence I Found Myself

The Virtually Non-Existent Punishment in Sports for Domestic Violence

This picture is just one of dozens you can view after typing in simple search phrases regarding men, domestic violence and professional sports. While I've spoken out in the past about my own experiences as a survivor of domestic violence, I still keep an eye on this subject and am disgusted, as most people are… Continue reading The Virtually Non-Existent Punishment in Sports for Domestic Violence

It Stays With You…FOREVER

Such a big, ANGRY meme isn't it? It just gets right in your face and TELLS you what to do and how to think. Oh wait, that was my marriage in a nutshell. Every. Single. Domestic. Violence. Story. Is. Different. Every one. There may be key elements in many stories like he was an alcoholic,… Continue reading It Stays With You…FOREVER