The Demise of the Hero

Back in the early days of The Plague (I'm at the point where I'm just calling it the plague), my son had just left his first job in fast food, and started working at a grocery store. The timing of landing this job, in March of 2020 no less, has not been lost on me.… Continue reading The Demise of the Hero

Autism and Society’s Role of Judge, Jury and Executioner

Autism is not a crime. There. I said it. For the sane, the educated, the compassionate, hell, they already understand this. However, in society, where bullying is rampant and unchecked most of the time, people with Autism are constantly judged, berated and otherwise chastised for their actions, thoughts and behaviors at any given time. I've… Continue reading Autism and Society’s Role of Judge, Jury and Executioner

Abject Awareness

"A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two different things." A quote by Benjamin Franklin Oh how productivity and purpose have fallen by the wayside for me. As I stare out the window, looking at the yard, the same four walls, I seek a purpose. I have a purpose that I recognize;… Continue reading Abject Awareness

Ghosts in the Machine

A long, long time ago in a far away place within my mind, there existed nothing but chaos. There was this resounding, continuous droning in my mind of all the things that I was facing, dealing with, living with...experiencing. I felt I didn't have control of any kind over my destiny, my future, even the… Continue reading Ghosts in the Machine

We’re Never Going to All Just Get Along (and that makes me sad)

As I usually mention, I'm not a particularly political person. To be honest, I can't personally stand many of them, no matter which party or affiliation they hold. I find many of them to be self-serving. Not to say that there aren't good people out there fighting for good. They exist, but far and few… Continue reading We’re Never Going to All Just Get Along (and that makes me sad)

Contemplating and Confronting Perceived versus Actual Fear

When I decided earlier this year to change my two UK vacations into first, a cruise for myself alone and then secondly, another cruise with my two youngest children, I received quite a mixed response regarding that decision. Several people said I was "missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime" and others said that… Continue reading Contemplating and Confronting Perceived versus Actual Fear

Both Sides of the Story, I Think

  Every once in a while, I get the opportunity to view the parenting of an autistic child from another perspective. It is always interesting to me to watch and observe, and I inevitably compare their parenting style with mine. I think parents do that whether their child has any disabilities or not. This morning,… Continue reading Both Sides of the Story, I Think

Trigger Warnings: Yup, I’m Going There

Where do I start? I didn't really see too much about this whole "controversy" because to be honest, I wasn't really paying attention. When I first read a little bit about the trending of the word, it took me back to my early thoughts on the word retarded. I've posted many times about it and… Continue reading Trigger Warnings: Yup, I’m Going There

Adult Bullies Hiding Behind the Subtlety of the Internet

There's a lot of talk about bullying in the news. I pay attention because my children were bullied, my daughter IS bullied and I was bullied in school and in my neighborhood. Children take their lives and families are destroyed. Recently, however, mocking others and the culture of bullying has taken on a strange, new… Continue reading Adult Bullies Hiding Behind the Subtlety of the Internet