Not Everything is About You (or me in this case)

Meme that states, "Contrary to what you believe, not everything is about you" Several years ago, when the loss of so many around me was still fresh and raw, I saw a Facebook post that upset me to no end. It was a local county law enforcement group that kept the general public informed about… Continue reading Not Everything is About You (or me in this case)

Purposefully Purging Negativity

Meme that says: "Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative things." Why yes, I think I've seen a few, or a few thousand of these types of memes over and over again. However, a few days ago, someone I follow on Twitter mentioned something. This person is a… Continue reading Purposefully Purging Negativity

Out with the old (BS) In with the new (Good Stuff!)

I've written about this before and well, the issue never really completely goes away, so it's always good to revisit it from time to time. Not to dwell on it, but to acknowledge its real impact on life and well-being. It's a topic in my therapy now and probably always will be! I have the… Continue reading Out with the old (BS) In with the new (Good Stuff!)

Ghosts in the Machine

A long, long time ago in a far away place within my mind, there existed nothing but chaos. There was this resounding, continuous droning in my mind of all the things that I was facing, dealing with, living with...experiencing. I felt I didn't have control of any kind over my destiny, my future, even the… Continue reading Ghosts in the Machine

Contemplating and Confronting Perceived versus Actual Fear

When I decided earlier this year to change my two UK vacations into first, a cruise for myself alone and then secondly, another cruise with my two youngest children, I received quite a mixed response regarding that decision. Several people said I was "missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime" and others said that… Continue reading Contemplating and Confronting Perceived versus Actual Fear

Online Dating: A Never Ending Merry-Go-Round that Just Happens to be On Fire

While I am in the process of writing a book, THAT is fiction. However, the online dating that I "participate" in is far from fiction. As a widow, I certainly never thought that almost seven years ago that I would find myself on my own and eventually seeking out companionship. However, for some people like… Continue reading Online Dating: A Never Ending Merry-Go-Round that Just Happens to be On Fire

The Circuitous Chasm of Grief

Having experienced an extraordinary amount of grief in a short period of time with the loss of both my parents and husband one after the other, I'm often asked how I "got through it" or how I "survived" it. Being that grief is such an individual process and has a fluidity not often realized until… Continue reading The Circuitous Chasm of Grief

The Inconvenience of Interacting with Ignorant and Inconsiderate Individuals

Whether you are a teenager, a CEO or a seasoned parent, finding out that a person or persons have spoken behind your back in a negative way can be hurtful. There's nothing wrong with being angry, feeling sad or otherwise betrayed when you learn this information. What you do with this knowledge and how you… Continue reading The Inconvenience of Interacting with Ignorant and Inconsiderate Individuals