A Partially Empty Nest

My new senior in the house, my youngest, and last child, will be finished with her school journey by this time next year. It is such an odd feeling, and one I've never felt before. Unlike many people I know, who are either married or splitting custody where they have reliable time to themselves, as… Continue reading A Partially Empty Nest

Shaping Behavior in Autism: Possible or a Voyage to Unavoidable Doom?

Extensive chart showing unending paths to shaping behavior I never thought there would be an accurate, visual representation of all the things an "Autism Mom" (forgive me, it's what works for me sometimes lol) deals with in my case, yet here it is. Despite my fictional Ph.D in Inconsistent Parenting and Overeating Snacks Due to… Continue reading Shaping Behavior in Autism: Possible or a Voyage to Unavoidable Doom?

The Many Mom Shaming Moments

Try to picture the scene. It's the middle of September in 2001. The country is still obviously reeling from the attacks on the country. There is still a bit of fear and tension in the air about crowds and such. My son was four years old at the time and with his Autism, ADHD and… Continue reading The Many Mom Shaming Moments

And Here we are….AGAIN

┬áThis WAS Diego. Past tense. Diego is dead. This first article linked here shows this photo and a small bit of the video of when he was violently attacked, leading to his eventual death. Be forewarned if you want to view the link that it could be upsetting to you or others. This thirteen year-old… Continue reading And Here we are….AGAIN

Navigating Life with the Autistic Adult Child

When I remember back to my son's early days, from toddler to high school student, it was tough. By tough, I mean "spending the night in the hospital waiting for your child to get a bed at a psychiatric facility tough" or "standing at the door, sobbing, hoping the police will not use the taser… Continue reading Navigating Life with the Autistic Adult Child

Punish Thy Child, Punish Thyself

Now that my "darling daughter" is 13 (I still abhor that phrase, but not as much as "darling husband" lol) I've entered a fresh hell of parenting: The Teen Years. It's not that I haven't done it before, twice in fact, it's just that I wasn't this freaking OLD the last time AND the time… Continue reading Punish Thy Child, Punish Thyself

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (oh and a taxi, a cruise ship and a few shuttle buses)

There is something about traveling that takes it all out of you. The destination is the prize, but the journey there can be anything but relaxing. My first vacation this year was a lovely solo trip to the Caribbean this Spring. This time, I decided to treat my kids to the same vacation. When I… Continue reading Planes, Trains and Automobiles (oh and a taxi, a cruise ship and a few shuttle buses)

Putting Yourself First; YES, Really, YOU.

Recently, I was traveling alone and was getting comfortable for my flight. I was noticing all the sights and sounds around me and watching people walk past and settle in. Once everyone had taken their seats and the flight attendants were giving their speech about procedures, I noticed one particular fact that really stood out… Continue reading Putting Yourself First; YES, Really, YOU.

Both Sides of the Story, I Think

  Every once in a while, I get the opportunity to view the parenting of an autistic child from another perspective. It is always interesting to me to watch and observe, and I inevitably compare their parenting style with mine. I think parents do that whether their child has any disabilities or not. This morning,… Continue reading Both Sides of the Story, I Think

The Inconvenience of Interacting with Ignorant and Inconsiderate Individuals

Whether you are a teenager, a CEO or a seasoned parent, finding out that a person or persons have spoken behind your back in a negative way can be hurtful. There's nothing wrong with being angry, feeling sad or otherwise betrayed when you learn this information. What you do with this knowledge and how you… Continue reading The Inconvenience of Interacting with Ignorant and Inconsiderate Individuals