The Ghost(s) of Christmases Past

Five years ago today, I moved into this house. For 24 years, this was my parent's home. In some ways, I still think of it as my mom and dad's house. To this day, I joke that I'm 49 years old and playing video games in my parent's basement. I remember the day so profoundly… Continue reading The Ghost(s) of Christmases Past

From Excessism to Minimalism: Futile or Freeing?

Recently, my 12 year old has been bitten by the "I want everything" bug. She's beginning to come of age and with that comes all the friendships that revolve around comparing possessions. I know I did it too and I was either jealous or the object of jealousy depending on the topic. If I received… Continue reading From Excessism to Minimalism: Futile or Freeing?