The Ghost of Mother’s Past

After a staggering eight years of regular therapy, you move on from the misery of analyzing your late, abusive husband and you start to explore other areas of your life. For quite a long time, until I was into my 40s, I always believed what my mother and her family told me: I was bad,… Continue reading The Ghost of Mother’s Past

Looking at Mother’s Day from the Other Side

It's that time of year again. All the stores are in full Mother's Day swing. The jewelry stores are holding Mother's Day extravaganzas (buy this diamond for "only" $3000 this Mother's Day and make her the happiest mom ever! LOL), florists are advertising deals on bouquets for Mom, people are jockeying for standing space at… Continue reading Looking at Mother’s Day from the Other Side

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore

I remember when I was a little girl, my dad would always take us out the day before Easter or thereabout so we could pick out a flower for my mom. For some reason, I always picked a hydrangea bloom because it looked like a piece of popcorn and it made me giggle. For my… Continue reading You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore

I am enough.

Growing up, I was always talked about and openly discussed while I was present. I have strong, vivid memories of people discussing my behavior or something that I did to upset something or another. I was the source of someone else's stress or hand-wringing of some sort. I never truly felt loved in the deepest… Continue reading I am enough.

Putting Yourself First; YES, Really, YOU.

Recently, I was traveling alone and was getting comfortable for my flight. I was noticing all the sights and sounds around me and watching people walk past and settle in. Once everyone had taken their seats and the flight attendants were giving their speech about procedures, I noticed one particular fact that really stood out… Continue reading Putting Yourself First; YES, Really, YOU.

Ah, Mother’s Day

One can still hope right? Anyway, so today is Mother's Day (in the United States that is!). Like Valentine's Day, it's just another one of those specific days that apply to a certain group of people. For me, it's a mixed bag of emotions. Flashback to the '00s. Mother's Day was such a busy day!… Continue reading Ah, Mother’s Day