Cleaning All the Houses

Having a tidy and organized home is, as you know, an ongoing process. The things in your home change, things are donated, thrown away, replaced (or not), and it will probably always be a work in progress. However, do you ever think about cleaning your social media "homes"? Many of us spend time on platforms… Continue reading Cleaning All the Houses

Save Me From Another Election Year

I'm going to work very hard here to not lean in any political direction. Being vague, yet opinionated is my goal here. Have mercy on me. It's not easy. Everyone has a favorite person, party, opinion and level of personal vitriol they are willing to project at any given time, but no time seems to… Continue reading Save Me From Another Election Year

The Never Ceasing Evolution Defining Friendship

I read once that friends are the siblings we were never given. I've reflected upon that thought many times over the years. I feel closer to my best friend than I ever have to my only sibling. What intrudes upon my thoughts of late is the definition of friendship. Many times, I see social media… Continue reading The Never Ceasing Evolution Defining Friendship

Do Not Go Gently…

This has shown up several times on social media shares lately. It truly reminds me of something we would see in school. While I'd love to believe this is something that was truly posted (and maybe it was; you know how the internet can be), there is a part of me that theorizes that it… Continue reading Do Not Go Gently…

Yes, I’m Actually Writing about Pokemon Go in the Age of “Everyone Complaining about Everything”

So, unless you've been existing without the internet (which is a thing I've heard), then you've heard about Pokemon Go. It has been the subject of great media discussion lately and I myself have become entrenched in the game. The idea behind this game, for those who don't know, is to open the app that… Continue reading Yes, I’m Actually Writing about Pokemon Go in the Age of “Everyone Complaining about Everything”