Happy Holidays and all That

It's the most wonderful time of the year they say. Recently, one of my children was at work and they wished a departing customer Happy Holidays. The customer replied, "NoooOOOOooo, it's NOT happy holidays, it's Merry Christmas!!" Ok, well that's great IF you celebrate Christmas, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone in the United… Continue reading Happy Holidays and all That

The Deafening Silence

I can remember so many years ago, two little ones (when I say little, they were 13 and 6, too little to wake up on Christmas morning with the fresh memory of their father gone, their grandmother gone and the unknown knowledge that they might ~and they did~ lose their grandfather, my dad) waking up… Continue reading The Deafening Silence

The Ghost(s) of Christmases Past

Five years ago today, I moved into this house. For 24 years, this was my parent's home. In some ways, I still think of it as my mom and dad's house. To this day, I joke that I'm 49 years old and playing video games in my parent's basement. I remember the day so profoundly… Continue reading The Ghost(s) of Christmases Past