Let it Go, The Past Always Bothered Me Anyway

Meme that says, "You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. I think that if I talked to 100 people, removing the one who walked away asking me who the hell I was and why was I talking to them, lol, the individuals who… Continue reading Let it Go, The Past Always Bothered Me Anyway

The Ghost of Mother’s Past

After a staggering eight years of regular therapy, you move on from the misery of analyzing your late, abusive husband and you start to explore other areas of your life. For quite a long time, until I was into my 40s, I always believed what my mother and her family told me: I was bad,… Continue reading The Ghost of Mother’s Past

Out with the old (BS) In with the new (Good Stuff!)

I've written about this before and well, the issue never really completely goes away, so it's always good to revisit it from time to time. Not to dwell on it, but to acknowledge its real impact on life and well-being. It's a topic in my therapy now and probably always will be! I have the… Continue reading Out with the old (BS) In with the new (Good Stuff!)

Adopted Once…Orphaned Twice

This is my story and mine alone. Your results may vary. The one message I DO not wish to convey in any shape or form, is that adopting a child is a negative thing. I know plenty of people who were adopted and grew up in very loving homes and enjoyed a wonderful life due… Continue reading Adopted Once…Orphaned Twice

I am enough.

Growing up, I was always talked about and openly discussed while I was present. I have strong, vivid memories of people discussing my behavior or something that I did to upset something or another. I was the source of someone else's stress or hand-wringing of some sort. I never truly felt loved in the deepest… Continue reading I am enough.

Removing the Stigma of Therapy and The Never Ending Search for My Happy Ending

Once in a while, when I mention to someone, "I am in therapy", I hesitate. I believe that subconsciously, my thoughts go to, "What will they think of me if I'm in therapy?" "Will they think I'm somehow damaged...broken?" "Maybe if I tell them why it will help?". Most people who know my story of… Continue reading Removing the Stigma of Therapy and The Never Ending Search for My Happy Ending