Purposefully Purging Negativity

Meme that says: "Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative things." Why yes, I think I've seen a few, or a few thousand of these types of memes over and over again. However, a few days ago, someone I follow on Twitter mentioned something. This person is a… Continue reading Purposefully Purging Negativity

Ghosts in the Machine

A long, long time ago in a far away place within my mind, there existed nothing but chaos. There was this resounding, continuous droning in my mind of all the things that I was facing, dealing with, living with...experiencing. I felt I didn't have control of any kind over my destiny, my future, even the… Continue reading Ghosts in the Machine

Accept the Things I Cannot Change

I'm pretty sure I've used this quote before because, well, I still am dealing with some very difficult people in my life. When you reflect upon the challenges and other things that you've gone through in your life and you realize as you get older that you need to somehow begin the process of coming… Continue reading Accept the Things I Cannot Change

New Year’s Resolutions: Two Weeks of Hard Core Dedication and Determination

Let's face it. We've all made New Year's resolutions. "This year I'm going to lose fifty pounds and run that 5K!" Many do and frankly, they kick ass and take names. I'm truly happy for them. If making a resolution is something you can do and stick with, go for it. My resolution last year… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions: Two Weeks of Hard Core Dedication and Determination