Putting My Carbs Where My Mouth is…Just less of them.

446...a VERY scary moment for me as a diabetic. Talk about a wake-up call. When I saw this number on the monitor, I have to admit, I was pretty scared; shaking even. I knew the repercussions of a number this high and that I literally could have a stroke at any moment. This is my… Continue reading Putting My Carbs Where My Mouth is…Just less of them.

Making Readily Available Things Homemade Instead

So, I decided to make some bread today. I didn't want to make just any bread, but something that I could use to make breakfast sandwiches. I wound up making this delicious bread that is supposed to taste like a muffin, with all the nooks and crannies in there too. Here is everything before I… Continue reading Making Readily Available Things Homemade Instead