Stuff I’ve Been Doing Instead of Writing


So, earlier this year, I decided to go back to college full time and I knocked it out of the park with making the Dean’s List, an invitation to the Honor’s College and Honor Society and a perfect 4.0. I’m damn proud if I do say so myself. Repeated the same grades again this Fall. It feels wonderful to be really close to my first degree and finishing up the last 13 credits over the next year. I’m also very grateful for the support I had. It was crazy taking all the classes online and during a compressed semester. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the classes, but goodness I think I wrote like 26 papers throughout it all.

Then, everything changed this past September when I was proposed to in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and said yes. I never thought I would actually move in this direction again. I had a few (awful) false starts over the past several years that I wouldn’t wish on an enemy, but here I am, happy and ready to settle down. Well, we’re already settled, but making it official in the near-ish future.


I’m a firm believer in the above statement. There are so many things that had to happen, both bad and good, to get to that moment on that ship when he put that ring on my finger. Worlds collided, almost came apart and back together again and here we are. It’s a good path, a solid path and one that I can be proud of. I think that for so long, I existed in a stagnation that was palpable and deliberate. However, once I decided to move away from that droning, “Groundhog Day” like existence, it was for the greater good. Sure, it was trying, tumultuous and exhilarating, but…


I can pretty much say with all assurance that it will not be a huge, grand affair. We’ve both been down that road before, unsuccessfully (obviously). However, it feels right and there are so many things that I never thought I would do again. I never thought I’d go back to college full-time and here I am. I never thought I would be searching for a full-time job again and think about giving up my freelance writing (I still might not lol). Planning a wedding wasn’t something I thought of either, but well, here I am.

I used to be pretty afraid of change. So many times I’d faced it, it seems I would get burned or make a brash decision that didn’t make sense afterwards. I guess sometimes you need to take chances and follow your instincts. I’m really glad I did.

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