I’ll Huff…and I’ll Puff


Recently (translated: Two hours ago) I saw this meme on the page of a fellow widow who has made a business out of fitness out of loss. I’ve followed her for several years and for a good reason. She’s DAMN good at keeping people motivated.

As of late, I have truly been on the lazy side. I even canceled my gym membership. That in itself had very valid reasons. I wasn’t using it as intended and the main motivation was the pool for my 12 year old, which is now closed for the season as its outdoors. Also, the location is part of an area that is over developed and it can be awful getting there and back.

However, the key factor in that last paragraph is that “I wasn’t using it as intended”. I thought I could get past the gym mentality, but it’s still a place where there are people who spend all day there and it’s “cliquey”. So, why pay $100 a month for something that I don’t take full advantage of and that I don’t feel I’m using it to my best ability? It also was a place where people aren’t cleaning/wiping off the machines so just EWW. People are nasty.


Memes can sometimes be just something to scroll past, a sign of someone else’s journey or thoughts and I appreciate them and move on. However, they are other times inspirational or show up at just the right time like the first photo in this post.

Instead of sitting here, again, and not doing anything constructive other than the bare necessities, I got my walking shoes on and headed out. It’s brisk here, with a stiff wind and I could tell I’d slacked off too much as my lower back was a bit sore. I could have just done the .75 of a mile and looped around, coming straight home. However, I decided to stick it out and completed the full two miles. I did feel better and at the least, more motivated. I have a fitness tracker and the little notices of “way to go” are great tools to help you feel like you’ve accomplished something and make you want to keep going.


I don’t think that I’m EVER going to be the skinny girl I was when I was younger. In fact, I actually don’t want to be skinny. I like my curves, but just want to sculpt them a bit. The big picture for me is much more though. Tomorrow, I’m going to be 49 (YIKES!) Sometimes I sit back and just feel shocked that that is my reality! However, I don’t feel 49, except lately when I haven’t been taking good care of myself.

I’m going to be traveling a lot in 2017 and I want to be comfortable and up to the challenges of planes, trains and automobiles! I want to climb, walk and feel good instead of, “Omgosh can we rest for a bit!” all the time. Fitness has been a lifetime challenge for me a “circle of life” that doesn’t have a song written about it, more of a lamentation of sorts! It took a long time to put it on and it’s going to take a bit of time to get the weight off. Baby steps…but I just need to take a lot of them.


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