Surviving the Election, the Delete Button and You


So, I hear there was a presidential candidate debate last night? I kind of figured it out by the 4,000 memes all over Facebook. Between pictures of Donald Trump with horns and a tail, to Hillary with an AR-15 blowing away her opposition, the creativity (and lunacy) of it all is off the charts.

In the beginning (lol not writing the Bible here) before things became too vitriolic, I was trying to engage in meaningful and opinionated “debate” (translated: verbal bloodbath) with friends and other people. What would start out with a small, broad-based opinion would wind up with me being called every name in the book, told I was: Stupid, an idiot, a sheep (or “sheeple” lol), a loser, a waste etc. The comebacks have gotten more and more vicious and nasty as the general election approaches. After a while, I actually had to start unfollowing and even unfriending in a few cases, several people I had on my friend’s list because they got so out of control. They were posting pictures of Muslims with shooting range style targets on them and other things that were horrifying and offensive.

A few times, I would sneak in and post a thing or two, only to be attacked within seconds and told I was an idiot, stupid, blind etc again, so once again I stopped. However, with the current state of politics and the election less than a month away, things are completely out of control.


This was the way I handled last night’s debate. I have two children at home who needed me this morning and my day starts at 6:15 AM. I’m thrilled that others have the ability to stay up all night and then have a fresh start the next day. I need my sleep. I figured the lunacy would still be going on this morning full force and I wasn’t disappointed. People I never ever realized were politically minded were throwing out memes faster than my tween could text (and that is pre-tty darn impressive!)


I have a lot of good friends in other countries. No, they are not American and that IS my point. Some of them simply cannot understand why this election process has to go on for months, YEARS even before the election takes place. It drags out a process that should be more concise and structured. Instead, in full American fashion, it is turned into a Reality Show that some can’t seem to turn off. The masses spend so much time furiously cutting down each candidate and making up whatever sounds good, “Candidate X murdered two people last night and the Secret Service covered up the bodies!” and people are fighting in the streets, losing their minds.


As an American, when I think of studying the issues, I want to hear about the candidate’s thoughts on education (which is a disaster), creating real jobs that aren’t part time and pay $8.50 an hour, getting student loan debt under control, creating a REAL, working plan for medical coverage for our country, the strengthening of US industry and reducing outsourcing, equality for all with jobs, pay, etc. There are SO MANY issues that matter and we are wondering about p***** grabbing, “checking out” when a women turns 35, a woman who had every right to say nasty things about her husband’s infidelity etc.

While everyone in this country has the right to say whatever they please, it doesn’t change the fact that none of the issues are being addressed. It’s now just a verbal and social media war that is solving nothing and not preparing anyone to vote. I know a lot of people who aren’t voting at all now because they are so fed up. It’s all very sad and the people I know outside this country are perplexed, angry, laughing and some worried about the outcome if one or the other wins. I’m kind of sad that these two are the only choices we have, but what a mess it all is.

I’m starting to believe that we need an alternate candidate.



Negan for president! He won’t take s*** from anyone, ever! JUST KIDDING. However, it’s sad how this is all turning out and I worry for this country. United we Stand? Not that I see, more like “Divided we Fall”.

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