Not Vaccinating your Child Should be a Crime. Period.


There are so many *discussions* going on today from people who are uninformed and misguided about vaccinations. The title of this blog post is meant to be strongly worded for a reason. I believe that parents who do not vaccinate their children should be charged with a crime.

I will not allow myself to continue without stating obvious facts. YES, there are people who are adversely affected by vaccines. In the late 00’s, I contracted Guillaine-Barre Syndrome from a flu shot. It was four days of scary side effects. I could feel my body but I was temporarily paralyzed. Thankfully, I recovered. I still get my flu shot every year, because I know how important it is. There are also many people out there who have experienced side effects from shots of all different kinds, but not ONE of these side effects was the development of Autism. You can die from taking Tylenol improperly. Too much water can kill you. In this world of uneducated affiliate marketers like Food *Babe* and people who just want to feed you a line of crap to make a buck, there needs to be a movement to stop the fraud and inject more fact and proven information into our society as a whole.


There are many people who refer to “the study that (cough) proved that vaccines cause Autism”. As you can read above, this incredibly small study, which covered less children than are in a standard classroom, was done by a now discredited and disbarred doctor. There are many people who actually believed this drivel and stopped vaccinating their children because of it. He even lost his ability to practice medicine due to the gross negligence and lies he spread. Due to his lunacy, there are now outbreaks of once almost eradicated diseases because some people now believe that there is mercury in standard childhood vaccinations (there is not, it was removed MANY years ago) and that it causes Autism. You can also request a flu shot that has no preservatives, so there is no excuse really.

Unfortunately, the former porn star, Jenny McCarthy, also jumped on the band wagon, claiming that her son was *cured* of Autism, which is a lifelong developmental presence. There is no pill or therapy in existence that can *cure* Autism. I have two children with Autism and have spent almost two decades advocating and speaking out against people like Jenny. I took the time to challenge her to meet me in a public forum, me, without any degrees in science or fame, to hear her SCIENCE backed evidence that her son was cured. Naturally, she blocked me, because people fear they will be found out as frauds. She didn’t have any issues with taking all the money for the book she wrote about it though.


Since the discredited former doctor, Wakefield, could no longer make money as a physician, he has gone on to create more quackery in the form of a movie that hardly anyone ever bothered to see. I didn’t see it as I certainly didn’t want to put any money into his pocket. I put my stakes in the study that was done with 25 MILLION children that shows constant results of no link whatsoever with Autism.

This false belief in what people read and take for truth isn’t just related to uniformed parents and people who will believe a meme over hard facts and science. Donald Trump tweeted openly that he actually believed in this falsehood:


This is one of a multitude of reasons why I simply cannot support this man, but this is not a political post. This post was created to show that even someone who claims to be informed enough to run for the highest office in this country is willing to believe a made up fantasy of an issue that has never existed.

What scares me about this whole anti-vaccination falsehood is that not only the obvious side effect of many children getting sick, those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons (allergic to the vaccine, undergoing chemotherapy and other valid reasons) are all being possibly exposed due to these sad examples of mindless following of non-factual information. I notice that none of the parents putting their children and others in danger talk about how they are vaccinated, yet none of them have Autism. What is even more astounding is that when we all received our vaccinations, chances are that there WAS mercury (thimerisol) as a preservative. Now that it’s removed, they claim it’s there to harm our children.

There seems to be no level of education that will assist these misinformed people to vaccinate their children. I am very happy that schools are starting to refuse entry to students not vaccinated and cutting off these fake *exemptions* that hold no ground. Also, some doctors are refusing to treat these children as they pose a significant danger to their responsible patients and their families.

As the parent of a child who was almost murdered by an unvaccinated child, I can tell you that the issue is real and terrifying. My newborn daughter almost died because a child with no vaccinations was in my son’s school when she was a newborn. We were all protected of course because I responsibly vaccinated my family, but my daughter was only six weeks old. Watching her gasp for breath and crash over and over again from the Pertussis that threatened her life, I know first hand how these uninformed and uneducated people are damaging the lives of others.

VACCINATE your children and get the booster shots necessary to keep our children safe. Stop buying into the hype, the lies, the made up junk you think is real. It’s not.

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