Y R We @ dis Point wit Writing?


It was a dark and stormy headline. No, wait, um, it was a cringe-worthy, painful headlline. There, that’s better! Grammar. I’m going to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but I like proper grammar. I think that since I write for a living, it’s important to me. I have found PLENTY of mistakes with my blog posts! I try to correct them right away and, sure enough, I come back later and there’s another one. They make me cringe.

Some people don’t care whatsoever and I get that. Some people also like spiders and they’re completely insane to me, but I guess there has to be some sort of balance in the force when it comes to those who scream and run and panic and those who pick up the little spawn of Satan and carry it outside. Such it is with grammar I suppose.


I’ve had several people in my life tell me how much they appreciate my penchant for writing. They come to me for resumes, letters, deciphering something and I get great reviews from my clients I write for. I’m far from perfect and have had work returned to me for edits and have found them myself or through a friend giving a courtesy check.

However, I think that we are starting to disintegrate as a society. Schools are focusing FAR less on grammar, punctuation, spelling and all aspects of writing, even including the removal of cursive in some places. While I don’t think there is a large following of people writing letters on parchment, I do believe that proper grammar and all that goes along with it have an important place in society. The headline I wrote for this post made me cringe and it should make everyone cringe.


For someone who has a propensity towards expecting proper writing, I will get a text message from someone such as, “Were u at?” and I just want to scream, but I don’t. Sometimes I will bring out a touch of snark and say, “Where am I at? I’m working right now. How may I help you?” and I’ve gotten a few, “Ok, you are formal today!” but it’s how I write. If I stray from proper grammar, then it could affect my writing and frankly, I like being well-spoken.

I also have to realize that not everyone gives a rat’s ass about it. Just like many other things, there are people who just don’t care as long as they get their point across. I don’t like sports and I have friends who live and breathe it. We are still friends, except on Sundays, March Madness and most evenings when there is a baseball game.


So, what I think I’m trying to say is that, when I text you, it will probably say, “I was wondering where you were, since I was headed to x store in your area and was hoping we could meet up for coffee.” You might respond, “k”. Thankfully, we won’t be face to face, so you won’t hear me sigh, but that “k” DOESN’T TELL ME ANYTHING. I don’t need a paragraph but how about, “k, 2 is good, I’ll b there” or something that I can decipher without mind reading. While I’d like to believe I’m an empath, I’ve watched enough Star Trek to know that empaths are most likely from Betazed and I’m from Earth.

In the meantime, I will do my best to not let my grammar senses tingle when people mix up your, you’re or there, they’re and their, but when I see it, I will silently hope that you can read my mind and will change it. There is a better way for your grammar and for those who read it, their minds will appreciate what you’re doing and in many cases, they’re most likely sure to tell you!  *grin*


Feel free to point out any mistakes in the comments! 🙂

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