Facebook Police Here; Settle Down, NO Need to Panic!


There you have it. I have officially been indoctrinated into the amazing Facebook police! Ok, so yeah, there’s a story. A few years ago, there was this “person” whom I thought was a friend. I WAS WRONG lol. As I’ve posted about before, I’m a widow and I have two children at home with Autism. It can be very challenging and I work hard to do what’s right and referee and deal with a lot of issues. When it was time for school to go back, I posted one of those “woohoo!” posts about school going back. This “person” proceeded to tell me that if I didn’t like being with my children then I shouldn’t have had them. So, I thankfully figured out early what type of person they were and blocked them.

Over time, one gets soft about things. We tend to think, “Maybe she was having a bad day” or “Everyone says something snarky from time to time” or the more difficult to admit, “Perhaps I was too sensitive about the comment”. So, I unblocked her. After, I discovered most posts were pretty innocuous and I figured I made the right decision. Then…TODAY HAPPENED.


Someone posted a fake meme (*sigh* there are SO MANY OF THEM) and sometimes I just can’t stand the fact [no pun intended] that people do NO research and just blindly post whatever they think makes the best statement) that things show up that are SO wrong and SO incorrect. This post was so incorrect that it just begged to be addressed. If someone posts something, then they need to be aware that people might counter their position with a fact-based opinion or statement. I did just that.

Formerly blocked lady decides that I’m the Facebook Police because I discovered the information was obviously incorrect. Thank goodness you can re-block people. I do not have time for things like this and I know it, yet I ventured in. My lesson learned is that I need to just keep on doing what I was formerly doing with all this made-up political nonsense: HIDE IT. IGNORE IT. BLOCK IT. I spend too much time taking care of real issues and trying to be happy to be sucked in by this lunacy, but I slipped. I won’t make the mistake again though. Learning to walk away from social media can be hard when your job is online and you spend a lot of time researching and writing. Breaks often find you drifting to Facebook or Twitter to browse around and read some stories.


As social media creeps deeper into our lives, we hear a lot about balance and living in a world away from the computer. However, for me, it’s difficult when I’m here working already. What I need to do is start to filter the things that are ridiculous and unnecessary and if I must indulge, do so with issues and things worthy of my time and effort. Nothing is gained from arguing with people, especially about things that are wrong and even after being shown, they still insist they are correct. That type of fanaticism has no place in my life and only breeds negativity.

I will never be ashamed of seeking out the truth and learning the facts after being misled. I was raised to not accept things presented to me as the blind truth. Maybe that’s why I get paid for doing internet research and writing quality work? I’d like to think so. I also take pride in integrity and being kind to others. When you get involved in these petty and ridiculous disagreements that go nowhere, you lose sight of what is important in life and that is what is beyond the screen and out in the real world.

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