I Raised Objections with my Child’s School and SUCCEEDED!


So apparently, this circle thing works. I would rearrange the circle though. I would have the student talking to the parent, then the parent talking to the teacher; you get the idea. In my case, I had a VERY unhappy child, a failing grade and a incredibly miserable outlook about her next school year.

Several things happened all at once, creating a miserable situation. She has chorus and has never liked it. She has always loved drawing and has thrived in art class. Denied upon entering middle school, she was put into chorus. She tried to master the class as best she could, but she kept coming up short. I tried several times to address this with the teacher to no avail. I never received a response or the ones I did were *short* and curt. Then, in her smaller classroom designed to provide less distractions due to her autism, there were two children who would not stop talking and even wound up in a fist fight (this is 6th grade mind you). Then, she got a failing grade in chorus, when the corresponding detail about her grades was much higher than other classes where she received B’s.

I’d had enough. I went and opened up communication with the head of special education. I received a response within 24 hours! It was first and foremost an apology for the missed communication and for the many times I’ve reached out. He said he would get to work on my issues immediately!


Apparently, this is a thing that works too (well at least directed to the correct person). The very next day, today, I receive an email letting me know that her class track has been changed and that she will be in art next year. I received a paper home today with the corrected 7th grade schedule showing the change. Also, I received a corrected report card. The grade is a D due to the failure of two tests, but the grade now reflects more closely with her performance.

I was flabbergasted to be honest. Why? For so long, especially in her previous school, I had such a contentious relationship with the IEP group. Now, I’m experiencing results and a VERY happy soon to be 7th grader.


So, while I don’t live near the top of a mountain range and I think it’s totally too cold for her to not have shoes on, this is a good representation of how happy my daughter is today. (Me too) While I shouldn’t be surprised that clear and concise information conveyed to a school official be met with positive results, I am. Finally, she will be heading into next year with something to really look forward to.

For parents out there who want to give up (believe me, I’ve felt like it many times over the years), don’t! There is hope and it will happen when you least expect it.


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