Couch to 5K…If I Live Through It.


So, I started running. Ok, I began a program called Couch to 5K. I’m doing the treadmill plan, which is in there somewhere, but I just finished running so I’m too tired to look for it. I’m on Week 4, but it’s actually Week 5. Confused? So am I. Well, the idea is that you complete the program in about 9 weeks. However, for beginners, or anyone who is mad enough to attempt this, you are encouraged to not feel guilty if you need to repeat a week. So, I repeated Week 3. Now I’m on Week 4.

I’m not in shape, but I’m MUCH healthier than I was six years ago. My husband died in 2010 and I found myself the sole parent of two children with Autism. I was VERY overweight and extremely unhealthy. I was taking insulin, multiple medications for way too many conditions and I could barely move around. I was miserable. So I went on Medifast and it destroyed my thyroid and I was 110 pounds lighter but my thyroid was shot. So off that I went. My endocrinologist no longer recommends the program since several of her patients had the same issue. Anyway…

I bought a treadmill about 7 months or so after my husband died. I figured it would be my no excuse machine and over the years, I’ve been pretty faithful to it. In fact, I consider the treadmill to be my most successful on and off again relationship. Haha, so funny, well not really considering the reasoning/thought process/life experience needed to say that.


That is what I want to look like when I’m done. Well, if I don’t eat any food for the next two months and run for 6 hours a day, I might get there. No, realistically, I abhor all the body image lunacy going around today. I am not thrilled about my weight now, but I’m doing something about it, so everyone can basically screw off. I don’t care what you think of me. It’s my journey. You need to push through the days when you are feeling down. Today I was tired. I still got on the damn treadmill. Just like you are responsible for everything you chew, you are responsible for your sedentary lifestyle, YOU, not anyone else, not your job, your kids, your whatever. Be sedentary when you sleep and when rest is necessary.


While I may not make the headlines as I burst through a ribbon, arms in the air, woohooing as I win the New York Marathon (anything is possible I guess), I am proud of the progress I’ve made. Completing the program inside on the treadmill for now gives me more confidence for right now and truthfully, I’m not a sun worship kind of person. I’ve lost five pounds on this 4.3 week journey so far and I hope to add to that number as time goes by. If I can do this, anyone who puts their mind to adding to their fitness program can try something new. Maybe I’ll have some before and after pictures to share…someday.

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