Who Is This Person Who Keeps Comparing Food and Sex?


Every few days, I’ll be looking at posts from friends and I’ll see all these delicious recipes for things that make my arteries cry out for help. “Better than Sex cake”, “Better than Sex mac n’ cheese” (Um, wait, sorry, there’s really not much you could do to noodles and melted cheese that is THAT enticing) and all manner of better than sex items.

Don’t get me wrong, I would really love to have a steaming hot pile of fresh lobster with butter for dipping, but I’m not really sure where this connection was first made.


I think the people coming up with these recipes are hungry for more than just some baked concoction or chocolate dream on a plate. I recently saw an advertisement for “Better than Sex Mascara”. I thought the idea of making ones self up with enticing makeup was a prelude to sex, not donuts? Ok, makeup is done, lashes are at optimal length, time to head out to Dunkin’ Donuts!


While I think there are plenty of things that are more emotionally rewarding than sex, I found quite a few lists out there that have been compiled that at least move away from the food porn angle and at least try to legitimize the phrase a bit. They mention cuddling with a bunch of puppies or turning on your car and the song you’ve been waiting to hear is just beginning. Getting eight hours of uninterrupted sleep as a parent, the sound of children’s laughter. Oh one could go on and people do. I guess the point of connecting food with sex is that it takes too long to type, “Better Than the First Cup of Coffee in the Morning Cinnamon Rolls”?


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