What Comes Next After “Get Off My Lawn”?


So, I’m browsing around, passing time while I’m eating and I come across this little gem of a story here. I actually had to watch the video twice, because I’m trying to figure out truthfully if the kids are actually being “too loud” or just being kids.

In an era when obesity and connected devices are taking up a great deal of our children’s time, it’s always sad to see the unused playgrounds. Oftentimes, I’ll step outside in the summer and all I can hear in my suburban neighborhood is the humming of air conditioners. So, when I watched the video and read the accompanying article, I was kind of shocked.


I have three children and two have Autism. So, I TOTALLY get that kids can be very loud and exhibit some inappropriate behaviors. As their mother, I take matters into my own hands, address the issue and move on. However, I don’t tell my children to stop having so much fun when they are outside. Of course, reading an article like the one I’ve referenced is only a snapshot into the issue. We don’t know both sides of the story. However, the premise just sound ridiculous, especially that the view of their PETS has been compromised. That’s when I started tilting my head and doing that “Wut” scrunchy face.


Living in a community, whether it be a large apartment complex, row homes, suburban communities, rural areas or dense city blocks comes with families. Sure, there are communities for over 55, adult only apartments, pet free apartments etc, however, when you move into a neighborhood, there are going to be children, pets, lawnmowers, tree trimmers, contractors, motorcycles, etc.

You can’t control everyday noise and in fact, we shouldn’t. Do I ENJOY being woken up on a Saturday morning at 7 AM when someone is mowing? Um, no, but I do understand now that some people are out there trying to beat the heat on a hot summer day, or they worked all week and that is their only time. I guess the art of compromise really needs to be something you need to develop in order to live in a community.


Until each of us can afford to live on our own little private island and control all of our surroundings, people are going to need to learn to get along. I found the complaining neighbors retaliating by playing music with many profanities in it to be childish and worthy of a counter suit. Again, point of view from the article. I would love to hear how this story pans out and hopefully, common sense and decency will prevail. In the meantime, start saving for that private island but note: You will NOT be able to control the sounds of the ocean or the birds and animals that will invade your utopia.


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