January 1st is Here Again to Crush Your Soul


So, here we are again. Another fresh, brand new year full of promise and anticipation. Three-hundred and Sixty-Five days to create a glorious new life that will fulfill and satiate our desire to…Oh good grief, can we be a little REALISTIC here?

In the past, I’ve had some success with the time-honored tradition of making a New Year’s Resolution. Eleven years ago, I vowed to quite smoking in that year and I did. I never smoked another cigarette again. Nine years ago, I vowed to stop drinking “regular” soda. I have diabetes so it’s kinda IMPORTANT. I’ve been about 92.987% effective with that one. I don’t drink diet soda that much, but there are times when I’ll mix in a little regular, so I’m not at 100% there, but still.


However, there is that little resolution that so many people make. You know the one. “This is the year I will get healthy/thin/run a marathon/climb that mountain” etc and to those who grab the brass ring and run with it (it sounded good so I went with it), good for you and I mean that. However, for many of us, we become that January Gym person and by March, we’re back on the couch with Doritos, binge watching all the seasons of Game of Thrones before the new one comes out.

This time, for me, I’m going to keep my outlook for the new year realistic and VAGUE. I think we get so caught up in the specifics that we don’t truly take the time to create realistic goals for ourselves. If you are fifty pounds overweight, declaring “Bikini ready by June 1st!” isn’t realistic because well, you can wear a bikini any time you like to be perfectly honest and you’re setting yourself up for failure if you demand a certain level of perfection for yourself. So, I’m going to shoot for that vague approach.


That’s all there is to my resolution. I want to eat a little better, walk a little farther, dream a little better, spend a little more time on me and those I love. If I achieve an old goal by reaching a certain weight, then I will celebrate it IF I get there. If not, I will celebrate what I did achieve. I want to set myself up for happiness, not for disappointment or a feeling that I couldn’t even live up to my own expectations.


Happy New Year, whatever that means to YOU 🙂

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