I Hired a Cleaning Service and it was Everything I Thought it would be and MORE!


I literally spent about two years struggling with the decision. Between justifying the cost, justifying paying for something that “everyone else has to do” and then justifying the cost again, I finally just made the call. Things have been crazy around here with my working 5-6 times a week doing mystery shops, boyfriend and son working and having one vehicle to transport everyone and make multiple trips every day. I was drowning trying to take care of all that and the house, my college class I’m taking, writing my novel etc. It’s really easy to get behind and try to keep up with the basics and eventually, things piled up too much.

Calling around to a few of the bigger names out there, I found they were exorbitantly priced and they didn’t include the things that I wanted done. I found a smaller, local service run by a lovely woman. She came to the house to inspect the area and give me an estimate. I was kind of pleased at the reasonable offer and booked the cleaning. Then, you have to panic because you want to clean before the person comes to clean.


It’s a real concept that I guess one doesn’t think of before hiring a service like this. You want the crew to be able to get into all the nooks and crannies. I have a multi-purpose room that isn’t a part of the cleaning regime I signed up for, so I took a box and placed items in it that were in the way. Now that the cleaning is done, I can find legitimate homes for all the items and take care of that.

A cleaning service just doesn’t come into the home and vacuum, dust, mop and leave. They clean like nobody’s business. It’s a deep cleaning that you just don’t do unless you are very strict and thorough (something I most certainly am not!). Every corner, crevice, baseboard and surface is scrubbed clean. Every cabinet is sparkling, every piece of glass polished to a streak-free finish. Every banister rod, the printer, the toaster, the grandfather clock, that weird knick-knack someone gave you that is on display; everything is cleaned.

While I felt very guilty and indulgent while it was happening, the relief I felt when it was done was immense. It’s a luxury yes, but I very rarely treat myself to any sort of luxury. I haven’t been on vacation, not even a day, since 2014, so I felt it was a wonderful treat. If you’ve never done it for yourself, it’s worth taking a look at. The arthritis in my hands is getting pretty intense, so I look at it as an investment in myself so I can write more.


Of course, you could have just hidden the whole concept and scheduled it while everyone wasn’t home and won undue praise, but then again, no one would believe that I did all that in one day! Sometimes, it’s just nice to treat yourself.

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