Post for Others as You Would Have Them Post Unto You


So, I’m sitting with my first cup of coffee this morning, bleary eyed and attempting to wake up when I see, “The Meme”. It’s like the one above here, but with a different person’s face on it. Anyway. Facebook is like a running ticker tape of life. It’s more bloated than Twitter, less picturesque than Instagram. I have friends that post inspiring quotes, recipes, pictures of their families, their pets, their travels, their achievements, their failures and some just post text or links to things they find interesting. I have Facebook connections with many topics/pages of interest I like as well and sometimes share them when I think people might enjoy them too.

However, this saying on this particular meme kind of stopped me in my tracks. I unfriended a friend recently because, frankly, I got sick of her criticizing me and telling me I was being too public. Um, public with my private friends? Isn’t that what friendship is about? Here’s a meme for that moment:


…and then I merrily shuffled off on my way. That said a whole lot that I wasn’t even upset. I think that the diversity and community that Facebook brings to many person’s lives is uplifting and connecting for many. While I too believe that we are all too immersed in our technology, the fact is that it’s all here to stay. There isn’t going to all of a sudden be a day when we all put down our devices and just walk away. We’ve come too far past that moment.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try harder to live in the moment and be there for each other, put the phone down while we eat, speak to each other and sometimes just say hello, smile or open a door for someone. I try to do that every day with my interactions with people (and not just yelling out the window, “HEY, HOW ABOUT YOU STOP TEXTING AND DRIVE!” that’s for another post *grin) and it’s something I try to inject into every day.


When I first signed up with Facebook many years ago, I thought it was odd and strange and didn’t really know much what to do with it. However, I stuck around and I’m glad I did. The person who posted the original saying above has posted on several occasions about personal issues that weren’t positive. Some people use Facebook as a way to reach out to friends they normally don’t see, but still care about. Someone might ask for prayers or good thoughts for surgery, share the loss of a loved one or a beloved pet. They may talk about loss of their job or their journey to find one. It’s called FRIENDS for a reason.

If you start dictating to people what they should and should not say and how it “looks” or what “people might think”, well heck, I don’t want people like that in my life. I want to share if I’ve lost 10 pounds or gained 15 and shouldn’t feel that I shouldn’t or it might be taken the wrong way. Maybe Facebook is online, but I’ve CHOSEN the people I share my Facebook with. If you don’t want to take the good with the bad, maybe Facebook isn’t the place for you. Well, at least not around me, which is perfectly fine because “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.


Kind of makes you wonder what’s going to happen if they release the Kraken….oops I mean, include a dislike button. However, for me, when it comes to having FRIENDS on Facebook, I care about what my friends have to say, good or bad and I will never feel otherwise. Come visit me on facebook at and say hi.

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