Why Are You Crying Mommy? My Brother is Just Graduating High School?

Naturally, when Pomp and Circumstance started playing, I sat there with a big smile on my face and waited for my son to come into view. Was that my lip quivering? Then, I saw him for the first time, in his cap and gown. I was instantly transported back through time. It was like a supersonic look back in time. There he was, in his car seat, right after we brought him home. Now, he’s in his crib, reaching up for me and smiling. Next, I’m chasing him down the street in his diaper trying my best to break the speed of light to catch up with him. He’s ten and I’m visiting him in the hospital; he needed help with his behavior. We’re standing next to each other at his father’s casket. I don’t know what to say. We hug. He’s downstairs and we’re talking. I can’t believe how well he’s doing in school; what a relief! I’m back. He’s smiling at me, so excited that graduation is here. I’m sobbing.

Whew! I finally pull it together and settle in for the ceremony. He attended a school that specialized in children with Autism and related disorders. My son was voted the class comedian. For someone not familiar with Autism, that is such a huge, ginormous achievement. Stop that! No more crying you! Oooh, they’re lining up! Racing to the back, I get my camera ready and sneak up the aisle. He’s standing there, tall and proud and shaking hands with the principal. Snap…snap…snap. Race to the back and get a few more shots. Big bear hug. “I love you Mom”. IT WAS WORTH EVERY MOMENT. Four quarters of honors. I’m so proud.


It’s only been a week, but he’s still getting used to it. Now he’s getting used to the fact that he got a job! A great starter job at a local restaurant. He’s nervous, but he made it through the interview and everyone is very proud of him. I keep teasing him he’s going to have to start pulling his weight around here now that he’s working. Oh the places you’ll go.


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