The Unadulterated Joy of Writing For Profit


So, since I’m writing about writing, I thought that meme was kind of funny. A few months ago, I finished a wonderful college course on writing. I take them when I can afford them and I thoroughly enjoy them. After finishing, I explored a lot of the supplemental material offered and found a great site that you can create your own client base for writing assignments. It’s a nice place, kind of like a Paypal for writers. You provide the service, the clients pay the fee and the company takes a fee for providing the service and venue. I’ve picked up a few long time clients and they’ve loved my work. Then there’s…HIM. The editor from HELL. If Satan has an editor, this guy is sitting at the desk, on fire, screaming, “THIS IS TRASH!!!!” at everything that comes in front of him.

When my husband died and I found myself a widowed mom to two kids with Autism, well, I WANTED to go back to work, but seriously, it was literally impossible. My former in-laws spend a lot of time with the kids and frankly, it’s great and it does help. They get to spend quality time with their grandparents and I can get stuff done, go to a few garage sales etc. It’s a win-win. However, it’s out of my league to work full time and afford before and after care, so writing seemed like a great idea. I get great reviews and nothing was EVER sent back to me…until now.


So, due to copyright issues, I can’t explain too much about the writing I do or show any real examples, but I think I can explain it. I will write an article let’s say, about a hotel. I will create something that says, “ABC Hotel offers luxury accommodations for every budget. Our beautiful location will offer you many choices to make your vacation enjoyable.” I finish the article, fulfilling all of the requests of the work order. Then, Satan’s editor will write back, “This is very bad. So many errors to fix. I had to extensively edit the whole thing. I had to stop reading because it just kept going downhill from there”. So, I’m sitting here thinking, my gosh what did I do? Submit an early draft or send the wrong file? So, I open it up and find the file and it’s the same one. I recheck it with grammar and syntax editors. It’s perfect! He changed accommodations to “rooms” and location to “locale” and enjoyable to “pleasurable”. Okay. So, in other words, he says errors, I say he’s an ass with terrible preferences!


So, what I believe it’s comes down to is a matter of opinion. This man is overseas and may have quite the different outlook on words. Why not just stop writing? Well, I signed a contract until the end of July. I will walk away from it when it ends and will move on to bigger and better projects. I already am contracted for writing a few small mini-books and other things. You can make reasonable money working from home and writing for others, but it is still like having a boss. Even if that boss is Satan’s editor. So, if you have the idea of working from home and maybe would like to put your writing experience to work, I’d say go for it. I still enjoy it and the money is nice. However, every 15 articles or so, this guy rears his ugly head and really moans about something. I think he needs to be nicer, but at least he’s half a world away. I can’t imagine working in the same office as him. At least I can stick my tongue out at the screen and he can’t see me (or thank goodness he can’t HEAR me!)

I get asked a lot about writing online. I highly suggest it. You have to take the criticism and be able to conform to many different requests and topics. One day I’m writing about a hotel, the next about dog grooming. So you need to be versatile and open minded. So, if writing is your goal, don’t give up!


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