Pajama Day: Schools Rising to the Challenge of Educating Our Youth


So, in an attempt to not sound like a bitter parent who missed out on pajama day because I went to private, religious schools with militaristic nuns overseeing our movements, I am compelled to take on this subject. Today, in my daughter’s school, is…Pajama Day. Ok, I’m back. I had to roll my eyes and sigh rather loudly, but I’m good now.

Since my daughter is failing, and I’m practically at war with the IEP team, I think that is part of the reason pajama day irks me. To be honest, today was the first time I allowed her to participate. Mostly because she usually wears nightgowns and well, at eleven years old and well into the start of puberty, that’s just not going to work. So, I relented this morning and allowed her to wear the winter pajamas that provided full coverage. I get that childhood is supposed to be fun, I do! My daughter has good friends and spends lots of time playing, interacting, running around outside and such things, pretty much every day. I was born before the wearing of nightclothes, bedroom slippers, giant curlers in your hair and whatever else became high fashion. School itself was serious business. We didn’t sit in little groups with some facing the back of the classroom and what have you. We sat in neat rows, alphabetical order, roll call ready and with our hands folded on our desks; eyes front and center! So, I guess the generation gap has jaded me. While I think that elementary school should have fun moments and activities, I think they have just overdone things a bit.


Not only is there the PJ Day, there is also a myriad of other days when they call on students to wear their clothes inside out, wear a silly hat, wearing of clothes in a certain color and the omnipresent wearing of clothes supporting local sports teams. We don’t watch sports or have any clothing related to any teams and I don’t run out at 9 PM when my daughter says she needs a shirt for “polka dot shirt day” or whatever lunacy they’ve come up with. While I think my whining has MUCH more to do with my daughter’s failing and poor grades, I am often surprised at how much emphasis is put into these clothing and accessory wearing days. I think it detracts from the learning and while I know I need to “lighten up” and let my little girl have some fun while she’s still young, it would be nice to see the schools put as much effort into coming up with these events into ensuring children are ready for the next grade and eventually the fact that even in the office, on Casual Friday, you can’t wear pajamas.


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