To Apply Or Not To Apply…That Is The Question!

This is what Social Security would like you to think people’s experience with applying for disability benefits is like:


This is an actual representation of what it REALLY is like:


While raising two Autistic children AND being a young widow, I have had more experience with Social Security than I can admit to without bringing on a slight panic attack. It can be frustrating, confusing, aggravating, upsetting and even bring you to a lawyers office to get expert help. There are phone calls with long waits, office visits with long waits, tons of postal mail with lists of rights, procedures, denials, approvals, requests for information…whew!

So, today, when I received a link in my Facebook feed from a dear friend who “walks the walk” along with me, I just had to get the word out. A wonderful publication that normally costs (a reasonable amount considering the content) is free this weekend! A lawyer by the name of Amy Foster is offering her Beginner’s Guide to Social Security Disability for zip! You can VISIT HERE to “order” the book for zero dollars. For those who have never been involved with the process and are looking for a comprehensive guide to get started that won’t confuse you and explains in language you can understand, I highly recommend taking the time to download it. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. You can download an app for your computer, tablet or phone for free to read Kindle books anytime, anywhere.


Above is a picture of Ms. Foster’s book. Go get yours while it’s free.

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