One Policy to Suspend Them All!


The boy in this article is a three time suspended student. What terrifying behavioral acts has this child done to deserve such harsh and repeated removal from the school population? He brought a ring to school after watching The Lord of the Rings: Battle of the Five Armies and claimed he could make his friend invisible like Bilbo Baggins. I mean seriously, what if Sauron showed up? Imagine what he could do if, by putting on the One Ring to Rule Them All, a swarm of Orcs descended upon the school, bringing…oh wait. That was a MOVIE and a child used his IMAGINATION. I keep forgetting we aren’t supposed to be doing that sort of thing anymore.

Then, he *gasp* identified a fellow classmate as being….black. Heavens forbid if children learn about the diversity around them and do so correctly. To top it all off, the horrifying third act of revulsion that sent the behavior spiral into full descent? He brought A BOOK TO SCHOOL. He brought The Big Book of Knowledge to school when his class was studying the solar system. The teacher, psychologically damaged by a photo of a…pregnant woman in the book was discovered. How that child ever got a hold of such natural and every day facts is beyond me. Shame on his parents for making sure this child is inquisitive and observant. I’m still avoiding the comments so I can avoid the “a nine year old being allowed to watch a movie like that?” Oh good grief.

It’s articles like this that truly and honestly make me worry for the future of our children. The photo of this child just shows how terrifying he must appear to the school and its administrators.


I think we really need to stop policing every little thing our children do (we all recall the horror of the butter knife for the fruit slice incident) Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating for allowing students to bring knives to school. I never would. However, I think that individual incidents need to be reviewed for COMMON SENSE. If it is a violation, TALK to the family, reiterate policy, hold an in person meeting including the child, but just stop the nonsense, please.

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