Are You My Mother?

So, I’m adopted. I’ve always known I was. My parents told me from as early as I can remember. I was never made to feel different by them and was always told I was wanted, chosen etc. Now, my sister and my mother’s family (they lived here, my dad’s side lived in Boston) never treated me very well. They actually could be downright abrasive and rude. I’ve moved past a lot of their misery and try to live my life for me now.
After a lot of searching and asking questions, I sent the woman I thought to be my birth mom a letter in the mail and she sent me an email today. It’s been a very strange day today. I woke up to an email from her and a lot of tears and excited emails later, we are having a “get to know you” conversation. She seems very nice and we are exchanging background information and learning a thing or two about each other.

I have to say I’m very unsure about it all and a bit scared, confused and excited all at the same time. It’s like hoping for something that you don’t know if you can have or want to have. It’s such an UNKNOWN. So, with careful trepidation, I move on, thinking positive but remaining grounded in reality. I don’t know where this is heading, but it sure is an amazing turn of events. After losing my husband and both parents and pretty much all contact with that family, I found myself feeling very alone besides my family and my boyfriend and not sure who I even considered family anymore. My sister had become as cold and aloof as she had for years so I cut off contact with her and vowed to make 2015 a year that I chose my family. Good karma coming back to me? Just a lot to think about, but I feel like a new chapter could begin for me. I think she is really nice and I’ve really enjoyed talking to her. I hope we continue our budding friendship and getting to know each other.

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