To Shop or Not To Shop…That’s Not a Question!

So, I was sitting around the other day, literally mulling over some possible new sources of income. I happened to open a Facebook post that literally tossed the idea into my lap (well, theoretical lap after bearing three children and all the damn holiday cookies I ate). The post was discussing the availability of mystery shopping jobs. I had done this several years ago and found it to be fun, but the payment system was FUBAR. It would take three months to be incorrectly reimbursed, so I just stopped. Well, I took a look at the organization level of this particular company and they were beyond organized. In order to become “certified” to mystery shop at this one particular fast food establishment, there is a TWENTY FOUR PAGE manual and a TEST at the end. It involved, timing points of reference using a split timer (they want you to MATH!) and pretty much FBI level surveillance techniques in order to assess many levels of service, food quality and down to the level of “smell” in the bathroom. Amused beyond all get out, I read the manual, took the test, aced it and received a FRAMABLE certificate of achievement, certifying me for this one particular fast food place.

I’m absolutely terrified to think of the testing requirements for the “fast casual” level of dining I saw further down the list. So, today, I will venture out on my first foray back into the mystery shopping world. These people are like the Soup Nazi. If you make even one tiny little error, “No payment for you!”. So, I will be dining out for lunch today and although I’m sure the order taker will know for sure due to my sweaty palms and shifty eyes that I am the enemy, my lunch is free and I will not let Big Brother down!

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