In The Beginning…

Well, maybe that title is a bit pompous *looks up for lightning strike*. I came here because well, I think I have a lot to say and do! My name is Michele and I started this blog because I want to grow online. I am in the final stages of the final stages (not a typo) of finalizing my memoir. More pomposity I’m sure, thinking that being 4o *voices trails off and you just can’t make out the last number I’ve said* makes me eligible for writing a memoir.

Starting in 2008, my life began this awful downward spiral thing and I wound up burying both parents and a husband. By the time June of 2011 came around, I didn’t know what hit me. Well a couple of bottles of wine landed on my toes, but that’s another story. Anyway! I love to craft, cook, shop, eat and parent (not necessarily in that order). I love to take pictures of what I eat when I’m out and what I cook at home, sometimes when it’s cooking, sometimes when I’m plating it. (all in the mood and what filters I have available ~ I’m not a #nofilter kind of gal). I love those quotes that inspire people and the ones that make fun of the quotes that inspire people. I love to laugh, cry, yell and sit in complete silence. I’m a pretty hard core gamer and a ridiculously hard core Trekkie.

I think, what it all boils down to, is that I’m pretty much like the rest of us. I want to see the world, make enough to be comfy and watch my children grow up in this crazy world. So come inside and have a look around. Since this is my first post, it might not take all that long, but hey! There’s more to come.

In the meantime, I leave you with this meaningful and very honest quote:

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